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Breath Work Meditation Jouney

Journey through different forms of breath that can alter your inner chemistry + external perception

  • 35 libras esterlinas britânicas
  • Online session

Service Description

Healing music instruments are included in breath work sessions. Each breath work journey is individual and depends on the group. An intuitive reading of the group is made after everyone is introduced. they journey often includes: Starting with conscious breath, then delving into deep diaphragmatic breathing and lengenthen-exhale, grounding practices. Next I often offer alternate nostril breathing (Anulon vilom --> Nadi Shodhana) to balance the two hemispheres of the brain (yin and yang, ida and pingala). Finally we introduce active breathing, breath holding and bandhas to increase resistance to stress and enhance vital energy in chosen areas of the body. Some of my favourite techniques are kapalbhati, bastrika, alkaline breath, psychodelic-dmt breathing and Wim hof.

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Reigate, UK

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