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Camilla dos Santos, ND

Relax, Release, Introduce and Heal



Resident Naturopath at the Coach House spa, Camilla is a certified Naturopath (C-002680) by the Portuguese National Health system (EU), SNS, and is currently completing the Functional Medicine post graduate degree with the Institute of Functional medicine (IFM).

Camilla is a member of both the ANP (Association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and GNC (General Naturopathic Council), is insured by Balens and additionally, is an ambassador for CNM (College of Naturopathic Medicine), as well.


For Camilla, above all, Naturopathy offers a new perspective on disease, helping patients learn about their body, allowing them to view the imbalance(s) from a different perspective,  regain confidence in the bodies innate abilities to heal and take responsibility for their health. Fundamentally, it is by changing the narrative that one can profoundly affect the trajectory of treatment and health.

Treatment with Camilla can include dietary adjustments, incorporation of therapeutically effective botanical extracts and nutritional supplementation, IV infusion referral as well as lifestyle recommendations including breathwork, stress management, sleep-wake cycle management regulation.


With additional training in hyperbaric oxygen therapy and ozone therapy, Camilla also offers these highly specialized forms of therapy to further support your needs and goals.

If required, clinical testing will be recommended to support diagnosis and/or monitor patients health, including assessment of complete nutrient profile, gut microbiome stool evaluation, hormone production and metabolism, toxin accumulation, DNA and methylation profiling.

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"The healer you have been looking for
is your own courage to know and love yourself completely"

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