About Me

Certification: C-002680 (ACSS - Administração Central do Sistema de Saúde. IP - The
Portuguese Ministry of Health)

Born and raised in Southern Africa amongst nature’s rich diversity and the energetic embrace it offers, I was led to seek knowledge of holistic based natural medicines. Exposed at a very young age to herbal remedies and homeopathy through my mother, and traditional oriental medicine through family relative practitioners, where I witnessed natural solutions and realized the importance of prevention all throughout my life.

I studied Naturopathy and Traditional Holistic Sciences at IMT, the Institute of Traditional Medicine, in Lisbon, an accredited 6000hours course of which I completed 4 years being able to include and complete my internship in my final year. My studies included nutrition, biochemistry, pharmacology, physiology and pathophysiology, homeopathy, Ayurveda and psychosomatics to name a few, as part of the Naturopathic curriculum. I deeply respect all areas of healthcare and cherish the opportunities I have had to work alongside a variety of incredible healthcare professionals ranging from holistic to conventional and many other modalities in between.

Always with a strong scientific basis, individual sessions and recommendations are tailored to the individuals wants and needs through the lens of Ayurvedic medicine, having performed one of my apprenticeships with Michele Po, a renowned Ayurvedic practitioner in Portugal, an astrologer and Inner Child Therapist. Traditional Chinese medicine too, is a rich and frequently visited point of reference, inspired by personal experience with author and Master of Chinese Medicine, Juvernal Branco. I later studied Medical Astrology with Paul Beyerl, herbalist, astrologer and author, in order to further my knowledge of holistic healthcare.

Clinical practice along with high quality treatment procedure and performance was instilled in me during my time spent at Fitoclinic (in the heart of Lisbon) directed by Naturopath Vera Cupido and there too, having had the privilege of working alongside Dr. Alan Barber,
Naturopath, Psychologist and specialist in psychosomatics.
Experience in spa and retreat environments include the Essenses Day Spa (Lisbon), House of Zen (Estoril) and Ceratonia Gardens (Algarve) with herbalist and property owner Daisy Mae, which deeply enriched my learning, broadened my experience and my clinical approach.


I am most grateful for having attained a comprehensive knowledge of toxicology, having being introduced to healthcare through my many years of pharmacy work, coupled with sound experience in the analysis of both clinical testing, which assists me in elevating the quality of assessment, patient care and wellness. I have also worked closely with integrative medical doctors including Dr. Pedro Veiga (Banyan Tree Spa) and Dr. Luis Fontes (Oeirasmed Clinic), both of whom specialize in Ozone and Mesotherapy.

My deep-rooted love and understanding of the body and movement, comes from my
extensive background in sport; swimming, gymnastics, expressive dance to name a few. Dance and expressive movement has been central to so much of my life; having completed the Royal Academy of Dance, trained with numerous international jazz and contemporary ballet teachers, including Gelu Barbu, performed with UK’s Bird College, Contemporary dance training and various performances for a number of year and finally delving into the study of Sacral healing therapy with Shaman, Rocio Alarcon (much bases on movement and body awareness) further broadened my holistic approach to wholeness and healing. Shaman Rocio Alarcon taught me how to understand timeless connectivity, create therapeutic rhythm with the body, how to listen to the subtle energetic changes that occur within the body and how to then guide it to a space of healing through motion. Many ancient tribes in South America have practiced therapeutic abdominal and pelvic massage with profound results, ranging from the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) to endometriosis, poly cystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and infertility. By bringing circulation to the abdominal and pelvic area and by removing adhesions through massage, we are able to address and help heal emotional pain/trauma and physical ailments.


Herbalist Daisy Mae and Naturopath João Beles taught me how to communicate with plants through meditation and awareness. The study of a plant goes beyond reading a monograph, but rather spending time with it, observing it, meditating with it, drawing it, tasting it, feeling it and using it in different galenic formulations, taking note of all sensations and adaptations that occur.

I believe in keeping up to date with all emerging health research, which proves growing
evidence of plant medicine and orthomolecular therapy efficiency in treating and managing disease.

Substantial amounts of high quality clinical trials are taking place, validating
complementary medicine. Naturopathy and it ́s integrative approach finds the links between conventional and natural or traditional medicine systems.


For me, in practice, it’s the individual people themselves where my focus lies. Through getting to know the patient ́s personal story, I can unfold and discover which influences have affected their real state of health and wellbeing. This enables me to help choose the best selection of methods to support them in gaining and maintaining their overall health.

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