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Client Feedback


Guruji Camilla,

I am also so happy to have met you. You are a real Earth Angel – a Soul full of courage and wisdom.

Bless you.

I shall attend to your message over the weekend and send you the info I have.

Sending my best wishes

Hi Camilla,


I’m home now but just wanted to say Thank you for being there, taking such good care of me, and staying with me until I came back to myself!!


It helped me so much today having you there, as well as the fact that you have such a calm aura about you......I had had such a lovely day!!  


Thank you again for your calmness, kindness and caring, and bringing me back to myself - you are a very special lady.

Hello Camilla,

Thank you so so so much for your time at our consultation it was just priceless the time spent with you so id like to start by thanking you, your such a wonderful lady and so knowledgeable about everything you practice i just cant Thankyou enough and i will now be making as many positive changes to my diet and wellbeing as i can to get a more balanced, well rounded me :) 

Now seem to have light at the end at the tunnel so i now have the time to get me sorted :) 

Thank you Camilla,


I have implemented the supplement that you provided, and increased the dose of the cordyceps, alongside ‘superdosing’ with vitamin D3 as you suggested, my skin is looking much better and I feel great.


The biggest difference to my life has been simplifying my ...... process – I no longer feel handcuffed by it 😊


Thanks again, and look forward to catching up soon.

Dear Camilla

Thank you so much for this extensive list of suggestions. I felt like I received a well needed motivational boost and renewed joy in strengthening my healthy routines.

Will be looking into purchasing the supplements asap.

I would love to come back for a follow up consultation in .....

Thank you again, your work is so much appreciated.


With very best wishes, I will make sure to be in touch.


Camilla is incredible kind, compassionate and intelligent. She quickly discovers the primary challenges that are present and provides a clear path forward.

TJ Power, neuroscientist

“Camilla has a wealth of knowledge about the body. She works both scientifically and intuitively.  After following her recommendations, the pain and inflammation in my arthritic knee has reduced considerably.  We are now working on balancing post menopausal hormones and diet.  She has an excellent attitude, sharing her knowledge freely which is both motivating and reassuring."

Anastasia Alexandra, pilates instructor.

What are the greatest factors that make you happy that you chose Naturopathic Functional medicine?

Camilla took the time to really understand my concerns around my hormonal health and made me feel validated and listened to. So often our hormonal health is a guessing game but Camilla demystified it all and helped make a comprehensive plan to improve my symptoms and optimise my overall health. 

How has your life changed since you have started your wellness journey?

I still feel I am on the journey to better health but my hormonal headaches/migraines have gone, which is the biggest game changer for me. 


What are the main reasons you would recommend my work to others?

Your knowledge and expertise around hormonal health had the biggest impact on me and every woman should have access to the information you helped to provide.

What surprised you most about my practice?

Your knowledge and expertise around hormonal health in particular. I also really appreciated you adding all the recommended supplements to an online basket to save me sourcing everything! 

Lastly, is there anything I could do to improve patient care and/or experience?

I can’t think of anything 


Naomi Rickards

Camilla is an incredible soul. 

She has a gift in how she shares her knowledge and wisdom. 

The day I met her I knew I was in the most beautiful hands. 

I felt an immediate deep connection with her and knew she would guide me on my wellness journey.

I always feel heard and supported and I love that she looks at the mind body and soul in the decisions that are made.

There is so much clarity in the advice that she gives.

I also feel I have learnt so much through our conversations together and I will be forever grateful for this earth Angel in my life.


Philly K

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