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Naturopathic medicine is a holistic system of medicine that is derived from a variety of traditional healing practices including oriental medicines; such as, Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine; along with, iridology, reflexology, phytotherapy, oligotherapy and homeopathy; plus the incorporation of modern Western medical diagnosis; through lab testing and complementary treatment options, to already existing conventional medical prescriptions.


The fundamental principle of Naturopathy is – vis medicatrix naturae – the healing power of nature and seeing as Man is part of Nature and the Universe. Naturopathy considers that health is achieved by living in accordance with this principle ie. that the body and mind are by nature eager to regenerate and heal given the appropriate and nurturing conditions.

The two general objectives, which include promotion of health and prevention of disease is realized through an individually tailored natural prescription and lifestyle adaptation recommendation. 

Naturopathic physicians are required to have attained a 4 year graduate level curriculum, preferably with an additional 1 year internship, amounting to between 4100hrs - 6000hrs of class and clinical training.

In consultation you will need to share with your Naturopathic doctor; your presenting symptoms, case history, conventional and complementary medicine you are or have been taking. They will need an account of your general routine and lifestyle, including: dietary, work and sleep patterns; bodily system functioning; home and work environment in order to assess toxin, heavy metal or mould exposure; finally your emotional state, which could possibly be affecting your health, through long standing nervous system stress response activation. 

Certain practitioners do a basic physical examination including: pulse, body symmetry tongue and foot examination. Naturopaths will often review pathology investigation already performed through GPs or other medical professions and may request further testing. It is the piecing together of all this information that give Naturopaths such a vast array of material to work with when constructing the full holistic image of how the patient’s body functions, in order to develop and create the most indicated tailored treatment.

A Naturopathic physician may offer a number of different treatment options, for example lifestyle counselling, which includes: nutrition, exercise, rest and stress triggers, herbal therapy orthomolecular and homeopathic medicine recommendation. Final hands-on treatment may also be provided; such as, massage, reflexology, auriculotherapy or hydrotherapy. Finally, with an on-site herbal and nutritional dispensary, practitioners are able to create a herbal or orthomolecular formula specific to each patient.

Naturopathy can support any ailment or concern a patient would see a general physician for; but, it´s greatest strength is in assistance to address conditions that conventional medicine doesn´t have solutions for ie. idiopathic and chronic disease; since, Naturopathy has the tools to search for and treat the underlying causes, taking a non-toxic approach.

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