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Through dancing we become the bird and the wind, the fire and the serpent. - Moving the body freely encourages a higher connection between body mind and spirit, opening the mind to the intuitive level of functioning. Freeing the body to move intuitively can help with inducing healing responses to trauma, anxiety, depression and mental health issues. Dancing in this way is also great for those people who are interested in developing meditation through movement as well as those who are interested in community at a deeper and more responsive level. In Africa, dance is a direct way to celebrate life and create healing. Physically manifesting traditional and expressive movements that are unique to your personal heritage, in my case African, can help connect one's Soul purpose in the encarnated form. From the movements of nature and everyday life, the tribal people of Africa developed dance moves to summon the energy of the world around them into their bodies for connection and healing. Through dancing we become the bird and the wind, the fire and the serpent.

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Dance is gives the spirit freedom to fly, setting so many emotions and energies free, apart from it being of tremendous physical benefit . Simply beautiful. I love you description of what dance is and can be for us, if we only allow it speak for us.

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